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Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy with
Our Chiropractor in Solon

You can now get high tech, top quality cold laser therapy in Solon, OH. Reed Chiropractic is your chiropractor in Solon offering this incredible service. This type of laser therapy is perfect for effectively treating neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain of all kinds, and soft tissue damage. It is a wonderful alternative to medications and surgery, and naturally heals any pain or chronic condition that causes pain in the joints and soft tissues. Let your chiropractor in Solon OH show you just how beneficial and effective cold laser therapy can be.

Laser therapy lessens back pain at reed chiropractic clinic in Solon, OH

How Can Cold Laser Therapy Benefit You?

Cold laser therapy is an excellent choice for pain relief because it does not irritate the skin. Instead, the light of the laser stimulates the cells in your soft tissues to heal themselves. As the tissues heal, you feel more energetic, as pain wears you out. The laser not only eliminates the pain, it improves your body's ability to heal itself, as well as improving your overall health. It does so many good things in addition to relieving pain. Cold laser therapy can:

  • Reduce swelling in muscles and other soft tissues like tendons and ligaments
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Strengthen bones
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance and strengthen your natural immunity

The laser therapy sessions are done in about five minutes, so they don't take much time out of your day at all. They are painless, as well. When you first begin, you may need two or more sessions a week to get the healing you're after, but once healing is achieved, the frequency of your sessions can be reduced to whatever maintenance level is appropriate for you as an individual. All cold laser therapy treatments are customized to meet unique individual needs and preferences.

As you heal and feel better, your energy increases, and so does your activity level, which promotes increased natural healing. Soon, you will enjoy a full range of pain-free motion again, and will feel like using it.

How to Get Laser Therapy in Solon, OH

All you have to do is give us a call to set up an appointment for an initial exam, evaluation, and consultation with our office. If we determine cold laser therapy is right for you, a customized treatment plan will be set up for you. Our immediate goal is to eliminate any pain you may be experiencing, particularly the pain that brought you to us. After that, we may recommend regular treatment sessions to maintain your pain-free lifestyle and good health. It all depends on your individual situation, condition, needs, and preferences.

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We work with you to give you the healing you need, as well as the healing you want. We are experts in administering this healing technique, and you can trust your health and wellbeing in our skilled hands. Call us today at 440-248-2866 to schedule a consultation!