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Axial Decompression

Woman getting her back fixed and adjusted by reed chiropractor

Here at our chiropractor in Solon, Ohio, we provide vertebral axial decompression therapy. This type of spinal decompression treatment is beneficial for back pain relief. If you are dealing with lower back pain, let us assist you with axial decompression therapy. Find out more about the benefits and applications of this type of chiropractic care in Solon. Then learn how you can schedule a chiropractic consultation for axial decompression therapy at our chiropractor.

About Vertebral Axial Decompression

Axial decompression therapy uses a mechanical traction technique to treat lower back pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, sciatica, or a herniated disc, then you may be able to benefit from this treatment. Using a computerized chiropractic table, our chiropractor performs a highly precise spinal decompression treatment. This lets our doctor get to the source of your lower back pain. 

Benefits of Axial Decompression Treatments

The primary reason why patients come to our chiropractic office in Solon for axial decompression is for all-natural pain relief. We are able to help you resolve back pain due to a sports injury or an auto accident injury. Other reasons why our patients choose to use this type of spinal decompression is to treat repetitive use injuries. Whether you have strained your lower back with heavy lifting or sitting hunched at a desk all day, we can assist you with your lower back problems.

In addition, we assist patients who are suffering from ergonomics issues including text neck that puts undue pressure on the lower spine. All of this is achieved without the use of drugs or invasive back surgery. As a result, you have no downtime in between treatments when you opt for axial decompression therapy.

Safety of Axial Decompression Therapy

We often have patients who inquire about the safety of axial decompression therapy. Axial decompression treatment tools and devices have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means you can choose our chiropractor for your axial decompression therapy in confidence. As part of our holistic chiropractic care, we use this type of treatment to provide you with a full-service treatment program.

Choose a Solon Chiropractic Clinic for Axial Decompression 

Now that you better understand the complexity behind axial decompression therapy, you are ready to get started. Our chiropractic team here at Reed Chiropractic accepts most major insurance coverage options. In addition, we have multiple payment plans ready to meet your financial needs. Contact our Solon chiropractic clinic at (440) 248-2866 to schedule a chiropractic consultation. We look forward to working with you to achieve optimal musculoskeletal performance.