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Tennis Elbow

Non-Invasive Treatment for Tennis Elbow at Reed Chiropractic

"Anyone for tennis?" There may be a time when you'd love to accept that invitation, only to have your sore elbow make it impossible. A chronic condition called tennis elbow can interfere, not only with your tennis game but also with every aspect of your everyday life and comfort. Fortunately, that pain and stiffness can be relieved without surgical intervention at Reed Chiropractic, where we're happy to provide non-invasive treatment for tennis elbow.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow at Reed Chiropractic

Tennis Elbow: A Common, Painful Problem

Tennis is a more stressful activity for your elbow than you might realize. When you're constantly gripping and swinging a tennis racket, you're putting considerable strain on the forearm muscles, especially a muscle called the ECRB (extensor carpi radialis brevis) muscle. This muscle is attached by tendons to a bony knob on the outside of the elbow called the lateral epicondyle. The strain on the muscle is passed along to the tendons. as you keep overusing your elbow, the small tears that form in the tendons never truly heal. As the damage grows progressively worse, you end up with a kind of chronic inflammation called lateral epicondylitis -- better known as tennis elbow.

What if you don't play tennis at all? You can still develop tennis elbow even if you've never swung a racket in your life. Any repetitive motion that places stress on the ECRB and its tendons can leave with a case lateral epicondylitis, whether you're playing music or working on a construction job. (It should be noted that pain on the inside of the elbow is a similar kind of chronic strain, except that, involved a different set of tissues. It's often referred to as golfer's elbow.)

Multi-Modal Treatment Options From Our Solon Chiropractor

Our Solon chiropractors can help you get control over your tennis elbow and rehabilitate the joint safely -- without the need to undergo elbow surgery. An evaluation of your elbow and your grip can help us understand the stresses placed on the joint. We may even find that a spinal imbalance is affecting your posture in a way that alters your swing for the worse. We can then provide you with a customized treatment plan, with options that include:

    • Chiropractic adjustments, either to the elbow or to the spine
    • Massage therapy and cold laser therapy to soothe the sore tissues and help them heal
    • Kinesio taping to support the elbow and enhance circulatio

Improve Both Your Game and Your Health: Call Our Clinic Today

Our all-natural treatment for tennis elbow can help you get rid of that nagging pain and get back to your chosen activity. Call (440) 248-2866 today!