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Headaches after a Car Accident

If you were recently involved in a vehicular accident, and you suffered from injuries as a result of this occurrence, you are likely to want to find a means of effective treatment so you feel your best once again. Contacting Reed Chiropractic Clinic to meet with our chiropractor after an auto accident injury can help when headaches and migraines are a concern. Read on to learn more about headaches after car accidents including how our chiropractor can help.


Be Aware Of Delayed Reactions

Often, people find they do not suffer from pain immediately after a car accident. You may feel an adrenaline rush after an accident occurs, which will mask symptoms until you are away from the situation in the future. You might also suffer from injuries to body parts that cause headaches and migraines to occur as a result of joint stress or restriction of blood flow. This might not happen for days or weeks after your accident happens. Be aware that pain can arise in the future so make an appointment with a physician or our chiropractor to get treatment as needed.

How To Alleviate Pain When It Occurs

When a headache or migraine occurs, the first thought you will likely have is to stop the pain as soon as you possibly can. It is best to move to an area away from a lot of activity when you are suffering from this type of discomfort. Dim the lighting and make sure you are not around loudness and stressful situations. Temperature therapy may help when you suffer from a headache or migraine. Use a cool or warm compress on your head to reduce discomfort. Light massage of your temples can also be effective at stopping the pain when it occurs.

What Our Chiropractor Will Do To Help

Our chiropractor can assist with effective treatment measures for pain associated with headaches and migraines. If you are suffering from chronic pain, make an appointment for an evaluation. After you answer questions pertaining to your situation, our chiropractor will use spinal adjustments to help relieve joint stress, which will often help keep headaches from occurring. You may require several adjustments for complete relief. Our practitioner also uses massage, electric stimulation of the affected area, and temperature therapy practices to effectively stop headaches and migraines from causing problems. 

If you recently suffered from an auto accident injury, and you are now inflicted with chronic headaches and migraines because of this event, chiropractic care is an option to consider. Contact Reed Chiropractic Clinic to set up an appointment with our practitioner to discuss a treatment plan. Call us today at (440) 248-2866 for more information.