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Massage Therapy

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Which comes first, chiropractic or massage?

In chiropractic massage therapy, the chiropractor usually recommends that you see the massage therapist before your session with the chiropractor. Massage and chiropractic adjustments complement each other, but the massage should come first because it loosens tight muscles and makes the joint adjustment easier. 

Do chiropractors do massage?

Chiropractic and massage are different modes of healing. Your chiropractor focuses on healing through manipulation of the spine, tendons, and joints. Your massage therapist focuses on stimulating your muscles. The massage therapist helps you get in touch with your body's pain points. Knowing your which points on your body are triggers for pain gives your chiropractor one more layer of confirmation of which joints need adjustment. Massage therapy moves "toxins" from deep layers of your body into general circulation so your body can eliminate them. This helps your body focus on the healing that your chiropractor helps you achieve with spinal adjustments.

Chiropractic massage therapy isn't just for relieving pain

Most of us think of our chiropractor as someone we see when we want pain relief, and our massage therapist as someone we see for pleasure. Chiropractic massage therapy reminds us that chiropractic adjustment isn't just for pain relief. Your chiropractor's services can help prevent future pain. Your chiropractor can also help you develop strength, agility, speed, focus, and mental awareness that you have never had before. Chiropractic healthcare is caring for your health, not just for your illnesses.

What kind of equipment is used in a chiropractic massage session?

There are some differences in the equipment used in chiropractic massage from the kind of equipment used in regular massage. In chiropractic massage therapy, the table may be adjustable in the middle. That's so the chiropractor can do an adjustment, or the massage therapist can apply focused pressure on the lower half of your body. There may be a traction table. This is used for spinal decompression, giving the joints of your spine some room for flexibility, making sure nerves are not pinched. 

What kinds of techniques are used in a chiropractic massage session?

In chiropractic massage therapy, your massage therapist uses familiar moves such as gliding, kneading, and hand pressure. Your chiropractor will use spinal manipulation, joint manipulation, spinal decompression, physical movement, patient education, and associated technologies for relieving pain without drugs and for improving body function.

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