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  • Massage Therapy FAQs
    Answering Common Massage & Chiropractic Questions If you have never had a massage, you may wonder what kinds of rewards massage therapy can offer you. Massage is a natural and safe Read more
  • How Massage Therapy Will Complement Your Chiropractic Care
    Reed Chiropractic Clinic Offers Massage Therapy Massage therapy has become an important element in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. When used along with chiropractic methods, massage therapy can facilitate Read more
  • Common Pains at Work That Signal a Chiropractic Visit
    Common Pains at Work That Signal the Need for a Visit to Reed Chiropractic Clinic At Reed Chiropractic Clinic, we are dedicated to making sure that everyone in the Solon area Read more
  • 5 Common Chiropractic Techniques For Back and Neck Pain
    Chiropractic Care For Back And Neck Pain Chiropractic care is an alternative medical practice type focused on disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, and the effect of these disorders on Read more
  • Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling
    Chiropractor-Approved Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling When traveling, not only can the trip be exhausting, but it predisposes you to discomfort and even injury. You're entering new environments Read more
  • What are the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy?
    How Cold Laser Therapy Can Help with Pain Cold laser therapy is an alternative pain relief treatment that does not use heat or surgical procedures to stimulate healing. Instead, this treatment, Read more
  • Types of Migraines
    Reed Chiropractic Clinic Can Treat Migraines Migraines are terribly common among the human population. They can hit anyone at any time and for several reasons. Those who suffer migraines or have Read more
  • Common Air Bag and Seatbelt Injuries
    Common Air Bag and Seatbelt Injuries When you are involved in a car accident, it is not uncommon for the seat belt and airbag to cause injuries. The injuries that you Read more
  • 5 Most Common Symptoms of Sciatica
    Sciatica Treatment From Reed Chiropractic Clinic Are you suffering from sciatica? If so, we can help here at Reed Chiropractic Clinic. We are in Solon for those that live in or Read more
  • Sport Injury FAQs
    Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Injuries At Reed Chiropractic Clinic, we want to advocate for the needs of our patients as much as possible. That is why we try to take Read more
  • Your First Consultation After an Auto Accident Injury What to Expect
    Involved in a Car Crash? Schedule a Consultation with Our Auto Injury Expert in Solon Auto accidents are extremely disruptive to your life, finances, and well-being. They can cost you in Read more
  • Common Questions About Shoulder Pain Relief
    Common Questions About Shoulder Pain Relief Back pain and shoulder pain are both common reasons for a doctor’s visit. Unfortunately, many patients turn to their primary care physician who verifies they Read more
  • Whiplash FAQ
    FAQs Answered by our Solon, OH Chiropractor Whiplash is a painful condition that can lead to symptoms you may not associate with your neck. The treatment process with a chiropractic clinic Read more
  • Winter Weather and Joint Pain
    Winter Weather and Joint Pain Not only does winter weather increase the risk of slip and falls or snow shoveling injuries, but the frigid temperatures can have a significant effect on Read more
  • Which Type of Migraine Do You Have?
    Which Type of Migraine Do You Have? Reed Chiropractic Clinic in Solon offers a variety of nutritional and physical therapies. For example, we help patients who suffer from migraines. These severe Read more
  • Common Questions about "Text Neck"
    If you are suffering from neck pain on a frequent basis, it is likely that you are experiencing “text neck.” A trip to Reed Chiropractic Clinic in Solon, OH to Read more