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Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping at Reed Chiropractic Clinic, Your Chiropractor in Solon

At Reed Chiropractic Clinic, we aim to provide our patients with the most advanced, holistic treatment options available. The goal is to provide you with a way to finally see a reduction in the pain you feel so you can see improvement in your quality of life. One of the services we offer is Kinesio taping. This procedure could be right for you. Your chiropractor in Solon can provide you with an exam and then make recommendations about whether or not this or another type of care is best for the pain you’re struggling with daily.

Woman with kinesio taping on her shoulder.

What Is Kinesio Taping?

Many people suffering from a sports injury or other type of joint-related injury can benefit from Kinesio taping. This is a type of therapeutic procedure first invented by a Japanese chiropractor. We often recommend this procedure after you’ve started your chiropractic adjustments. It works to support your joints and muscles. It also is highly effective at removing the swelling in your body that is common as a result of inflammation.

What Are the Benefits of Kinesio Taping?

Are you suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, or a sports injury? Depending on the type of pain you are suffering from, Kinesio taping can provide a number of key benefits.

  • It provides pain relief. When in use, this tape works to encourage the body’s release of endorphins and encephalon’s. These work to not only speed healing, but also to help you to feel less pain. No pain medication is necessary.
  • It aids in the correction of muscle dysfunction. By giving your muscles some relief from fatigue, they are able to function at a higher level. More so, they reduce the contraction of the muscle, allowing your muscles to avoid tiring out easily.
  • They help hold the adjustment we provide in place. It’s gentle, non-painful support you’ll appreciate.
  • It aims to reduce swelling. It does this by encouraging inflammation reduction.

When Should You Consider Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio taping can help in a variety of ways and for many needs. We often recommend it for those suffering from a sports injury. It can also help those with neck pain after a car accident and lower back pain from multiple causes. When you come in to see our team, we’ll conduct a thorough examination, use a chiropractic adjustment if necessary, and then utilize Kinesio taping. As a sports chiropractor, our team is able to provide you with advanced care based on the unique injuries or needs you have. We recommend coming in as soon as possible after you’ve been hurt for the care you need.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Solon Chiropractor for Kinesio Taping

When you meet with your sports chiropractor, you’ll quickly learn the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment and the use of Kinesio taping, if it is applicable to your needs. To find out, you’ll need to make an appointment for a consultation and exam with your Solon chiropractor. Reed Chiropractic Clinic aims to provide you with the advanced care you need. Call us now for an appointment at (440) 248-2866.