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Chiropractic Adjustments

The Benefits of Spinal Adjustment at Reed Chiropractic Clinic

Science backs the many benefits of spinal adjustment. Studies have shown that spinal adjustment boosts the immune system, enhances pulmonary function, relieves muscle tension, reduces inflammatory cytokines, decreases mental stress and naturally increases one’s energy level. It’s also high effective for pain-based conditions, including sciatica, migraines, back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, neurological conditions and ear infections. Spinal adjustment is a natural, drugless way to help people heal. It creates an environment to facilitate healing. The nervous system controls every cell and organ in the body, and the side effects of a subluxation are vast. With a spinal adjustment, the spine is put back into its proper alignment. The evidence-based research supporting the benefits of spinal adjustment has been published in American, British and European medical journals.

The Reed Chiropractic Clinic: Your Chiropractor in Aurora and Twinsburg

Spinal adjustments by our Aurora and Twinsburg chiropractor utilize gentle pressure to properly realign the spine, and there are many techniques. With the activator method, a hand-held activator is used to provide a low-force impulse. This tool also evaluates leg length and performs muscle testing. The cox flexion-distraction man getting a chiropractic adjustment in Aurora technique involves a gentle adjustment by applying a gentle stretch in a series of repetitive slow movements. Chiropractors who use the toggle drop method cross hands on top of the other and press down firmly on the affected area as a section of a drop table falls.

High-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) techniques include Diversified, Gonstead and Thompson Terminal Point. The Diversified technique is where a short, quick thrust is delivered over restricted joints. The goal is to restore normal range of motion and to reduce pain. It’s a traditional chiropractic technique commonly used by many chiropractors. The specificity of body positioning in the Gonstead adjustment sets it apart from others. Specially designed tables or chairs are used to position the patient, such as a chest-knee table or a cervical chair. The Thompson Terminal Point technique involves specialized treatment tables that have sections that drop a short distance during an HVLA thrust. This adjustment technique is sometimes used in addition to more traditional diversified HVLA adjustments like the Diversified method.

Complementery Chiropractic Care Services

At Reed Chiropractic Clinic, we offer spinal decompression and massage therapy in addition to spinal adjustments. Using traction, we decompress the spine by lengthening the spine to restore it back to its natural shape. It’s often highly effective in reducing or eliminating pain due to slipped discs, bulging discs and back pain. Our massage therapy services include trigger point therapy, myofascial release and Swedish massage. It helps warm up the muscles and reduce muscle tension before a chiropractic adjustment. Plus, it helps reduce stress and speeds up healing.

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