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Arthritis Explained by Our Chiropractor in Solon, OH

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, or if you believe you are showing symptoms of this medical condition, getting help to reduce pain is likely to be a concern you have. Call Reed Chiropractic in Solon to make an appointment with our chiropractor to get much-needed relief without the need for prescriptions or extensive procedures. Here is some information about arthritis to help you understand this medical condition and how seeing our practitioner can help.

man with arthritis getting chiropractic treatment

How Arthritis Is Diagnosed And What It Entails

Arthritis is diagnosed when someone has pain in their joints more often than they do not or when certain circumstances arise. If you wake up every morning and have difficulty with pain after you get out of bed, arthritis could be the reason. Some people find that arthritis symptoms flare up when very cold weather or precipitation is in the forecast. This pain makes it difficult to move around easily. It may subside however after the body stretches and blood gets circulating. A physician will do an assessment of the affected area and determine if the range of motion is affected as well as monitor the extent of pain felt during specific exercises.

Causes For This Condition

Arthritis is sometimes the result of an injury. After the injury heals, joint pain often sticks around. Inflammation of the tissue around the joints, tendons, and ligaments causes this pain and stiffness to occur. Fatigue and straining the muscles can contribute to arthritic pain as well. The amount of pain someone feels from arthritis will vary depending on the area of the body it is affecting and the amount of joint damage present.

How Our Solon Chiropractor Can Help You Get Relief

Our chiropractor is available to help you minimize the discomfort associated with arthritis. An assessment of your range of motion will be conducted and your overall medical history will be discussed before a treatment plan is devised. Many find they find relief from spinal adjustments, a change in temperature to the affected area, light massage, and ultrasound therapy. Our chiropractor will use a combination of these treatments, as well as offer you recommendations regarding some lifestyle changes you can make to help keep pain and discomfort at bay.

Contact Us at Reed Chiropractic Clinic in Solon if You Are Experiencing Pain from Arthritis

If you are interested in obtaining relief for arthritis, the first step to getting help is calling our chiropractor to schedule an appointment. Reach out to Reed Chiropractic in Solon to get help in treating your Arthritis with non-invasive methods. Our chiropractor is happy to answer any questions you may have and will help to tailor a plan to find you needed relief. Contact us at 440-248-2866 to learn more today.