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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment in Solon, OH

Solon Neck Pain

Pain in your neck may appear for a variety of reasons. If you have recently been injured in an auto accident, athletic event or personal slip and fall, your neck may be complaining. Instead of waiting for it to heal on its own, Reed Chiropractic provides neck pain treatment in Solon using natural healing methods. Our Solon chiropractor uses your body's ability to restore itself to speed your recovery process and alleviate your neck pain. Dr. Randy B. Reed and Dr. Matthew J. Grant provide Solon residents with neck pain relief including pain that originates from years of poor posture, spinal abnormalities or improperly arranged work stations. If you are struggling with chronic neck pain from a previous injury, fibromyalgia, TMJ or whiplash, we encourage you to seek our natural neck pain treatment in Solon.

Neck Pain Relief with our Solon Chiropractor

Neck pain relief with our Solon chiropractor is within your reach. Dr. Reed and Dr. Grant use a combinational approach to alleviate the source of your neck pain and your painful symptoms. We also help restore your neck mobility so you can return to the activities and lifestyle you enjoy. Our chiropractor in Solon offers the following services for neck pain relief:

  • Chiropractic adjustments- our chiropractors gently adjust the vertebrae in your neck and back to eliminate your pain. Spinal adjustments place your neck into an alignment that eases nerve pressure, helps herniated discs recover and lessens muscular imbalances that may be pulling on the bones in your neck. Adjustments also restore a natural spinal alignment and eliminate pain from conditions such as scoliosis.

  • Cold laser therapy- our Solon neck pain treatment plan may include the use of cold laser therapy to stimulate healing at the muscular level. For instance, if your neck pain is the result of whiplash, the muscles in your neck and upper back may have been overly stretched. Cold laser therapy helps to restore your muscular balance.

  • Spinal decompression- when neck pain is a symptom of a herniated or degenerating discs, spinal decompression helps to lengthen the space between the vertebrae to allow for a more comfortable disc position.

  • Massage therapy- our massage therapists offer residents of Solon neck pain treatment alternatives as well. Massages help to increase circulation to the area for speedy recover and a reduction in inflammation. Massage therapy helps reduce chronic neck pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia.

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Dr. Reed and Dr. Grant provide natural treatments for neck pain relief. Our chiropractic care services also work to boost your overall health and wellness and reduce your risk of lasting neck pain. Our health team teaches you exercises to improve the strength of your neck and upper back muscles. We also show you how to stretch the area to alleviate your discomfort and restore your flexibility. Our neck pain relief treatment in Solon is fast-acting and long-lasting. Please contact our chiropractor in Solon today at (440) 248-2866 to schedule your appointment.