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New Patients

New Patient Center

Welcome to the New Patient Center at Reed Chiropractic in Solon. We are a leading provider of holistic chiropractic care including massage therapy, axial decompression, and custom orthotics. As you choose our chiropractors Dr. Randy Reed and Dr. Matthew Grant for your care, learn more about what to expect during your first visit.

We are a leading provider of holistic chiropractic care including massage therapy, axial decompression, and custom orthotics

Online Forms

When you make an appointment with our Solon chiropractor, you can go ahead and fill out some vital documents prior to your visit. Check out our online documents that you can print out at home or fill out digitally. This saves you time and hassle while allowing you to relax for your first chiropractor appointment. If you are unable to print these documents at home, simply read over them to make sure you bring all necessary information for your paperwork.

What to Expect for Your First Visit

During your first visit to our Solon, Ohio chiropractic office, you will meet with one of our chiropractic doctors. We will ask you questions about your health history and current wellness goals. 

If you are suffering from pain and need all-natural pain relief, we will begin a treatment program. If you want to improve the function of your musculoskeletal system, consistent chiropractic visits will best serve your needs. 

For most of our patients, we recommend at least two to three chiropractic treatments a week over a period of one to three months. For chronic pain and injury treatment, we may extend treatment to up to eight visits a month for up to two years. 

Payment Options

We work with most major insurance providers to accept coverage for auto accident injury, sports injury, Medicaid, Medicare, and Worker’s Compensation. If you do not have health insurance we also accept credit, debit, and cash. We also provide flexible payment options for patients who do not have insurance coverage or an ability to pay in full at the time of treatment. 

To find out if we accept your health insurance coverage, contact our office. In addition, we are happy to discuss your treatment costs prior to your appointment. This way you can be fully aware of how much your chiropractic treatment will cost.

Special Chiropractic Offers

Please check out our latest special offers and discounts for chiropractic care. We commonly offer discounts so make sure to inquire about these when you schedule your first appointment.

Contact Our Solon Chiropractor  

Whether it is your first time to a chiropractor or you simply want a new chiropractic clinic in Solon, Ohio, we are here to assist you. Call our office at (440) 248-2866 to speak with a chiropractor today for more information.