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Leg Pain

Leg Ache Treatment in Solon Ohio

Our Solon Ohio chiropractors, Dr. Randy Reed and Dr. Matthew Grant deliver relief from leg pain and leg aches. If you live in the Solon Ohio area and are struggling with unidentified leg pain, we invite you to Reed Chiropractic Clinic for a complete diagnosis of the reasons for your pain and also for a leg ache treatment program. We recommend that you contact us soon if you are experiencing leg discomfort as prolonged leg pain may lead to disturbances in your hips or back. This occurs because when your legs are in pain, your body compensates for the discomfort by altering your movements. This altered movement affects the alignment of your hips and your spine, which can lead to back pain from vertebrae moving out of a healthy position and pressing on nerves.

Leg pain treatment at Reed Chiropractic Clinic.

Common Causes of Leg Pain and Aches

You may feel the pain in your legs in a variety of ways. Leg pain may be:

  • An ache in the muscles
  • A sharp shooting pain that travels down your legs
  • Numbness or tingling
  • A feeling of heaviness or weakness
  • A dull, consistent pain
  • A burning sensation

The different types of leg pain give our chiropractors an understanding of the source of your leg pain. For example, if you are experiencing pain that begins in your lower back and extends down one or both legs or brings leg pain numbness, you may be suffering from sciatica which is an interference of the sciatic nerve. If you have painful shins that are aggravated with exercise, you may be suffering from shin splints. Other causes of leg pain include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Pinched nerves
  • Dehydration or inefficient nutrition
  • Medication side effects
  • Sports, work or personal injury to the muscles, ligaments, tendons or bones
  • Joint sprains
  • Poor posture
  • Inappropriate footwear
  • Overuse

Chiropractic Care for Leg Pain

Our leg ache treatment plans bring immediate and lasting relief from leg pain whether it is from an injury, improper biomechanics, nutritional concerns or a pinched nerve. Dr. Randy Reed and Dr. Matthew Grant use natural chiropractic care practices to alleviate your pain and prevent you from having prolonged leg pain. Our Solon Ohio chiropractors eliminate leg pain numbness and aches through gentle adjustments of your spine. This reduces pressure on nerves that leave the spinal column and extend into your legs. When the nerves are operating without interference, your leg pain is eliminated. For other concerns, we may suggest corrective exercises to improve muscular balance or develop an orthotic to properly position your feet, ankles, and knees and reduce painful shins. We combine these services with massage therapy and cold laser therapy to reduce inflammation in the muscles and support your body's natural healing processes when repairing a leg injury. Our chiropractors also improve your nutritional intake to eliminate leg pain at the cellular level. For these leg pain relief services and more, please contact us today at (440) 248-2866.