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Boosting Immunity

How Chiropractic Care Can Boost the Immune System

One major benefit of chiropractic care that most people recognize is that it is an effective treatment for neck and back pain. However, this type of treatment has many other benefits, including boosting an individual's immunity. Enhancing the immune system through chiropractic may seem like a technique that cannot work, but it works. We are going to look at why a strong immune system is vital to the body, and how we at Reed Chiropractic Clinic in Solon can work to boost it.


The Need for a Strong and Healthy Immune System

The immune system protects our bodies from diseases and infections. If it is stronger and healthier, the better because it will do its work best. But if it is weak, you become more susceptible to illnesses. That is why it is crucial to do anything possible to enhance our immunity and it is performing optimally. Especially during these times, we facing the COVID-19 crisis, you should strive to improve your immune system against this disease, and chiropractic care in Solon is an excellent option.

How Chiropractic Care Improves the Immune System

Did you know that your spine is directly connected to your immune system? Therefore, if the spinal system is not functioning well, the immune system is also affected negatively. During chiropractic treatment, the professional uses his/her hands to apply controlled amounts of pressure to the spinal system in a process referred to as spinal manipulation.

The goal of this procedure is to get rid of pressure in this part of the body and relieve an individual of issues like back and neck pain. Since the immune system and spinal system are linked, a relieved spine results in a better immune system. 

Mental Health Issues, Chiropractic Care, and the Immune System

Another way chiropractic care helps boost immunity is by relieving an individual of mental health issues such as stress and anxiety. When you are stressed, your immune system gets weakened and you become prone to issues such as depression and heart disease. When a chiropractor applies controlled force to different parts of the body, he/she relieves pressure and allows blood to flow well.

Relieving tension on muscles and improving blood flow contributes to mental relaxation, which helps to fight stress and anxiety. As your mental health improves, your immunity also gets better.

The best thing about the benefits of chiropractic care for the immune system is that they have been verified by various studies. For instance, researchers like Dr. Ronald Pero, Patricia Brennan, Ph.D., and others sought to determine the effect of chiropractic care on immune response, and the results were positive. That proves it is a technique that works.

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