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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization or IASTM is a technique which enables the clinician to treat individuals diagnosed with soft tissue dysfunction. 

IASTM is performed with medical grade steel instruments that detect and treat fascial restrictions as well as scar tissue. 

Layers of fibrous connective tissue called fascia exists between muscle, skin, and bone. Fascia consists mostly of collagen fibers and is designed to stabilize and allow flexibility of tissues such as skin, muscles, ligaments, and other internal structures. When healthy, muscle tissues can slide among other tissues without restriction. After an injury, fibroblast cells create more collagen leading to increased fascial density and eventually fascial adhesions or scar tissue. Fascial adhesions limit the function and range of motion of the affected muscles, joints, and other tissues in the area. IASTM can help release or loosen these fascial adhesions. 

The beveled edges of the medical grade steel IASTM tool can deeply pull, stretch, and loosen fascial tissues with specificity. IASTM increases blood flow to the treated area and stimulates neurologic pathways and reflexes that affect muscle tone and mobility. Mechanical stimulation coupled with increased local blood flow and neurologic stimulation enables optimal healing and function. 

Patients with limited motion, pain during motion, motor control issues, or muscle recruitment issues may want to consider IASTM treatment.