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Reed Chiropractic Clinic Offers Custom Foot Orthotics in Solon OH

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Here at Reed Chiropractic Clinic, we're all about helping your body achieve balance, health, and wellness through natural, non-surgical methods. But not every correction we make originates in the spinal column -- abnormal weight distribution in the feet can also cause pain throughout the body. That's why we're happy to offer custom foot orthotics in Solon OH for personalized arch support.


Plantar Fasciitis, Leg Pain, Musculoskeletal Problems and More

Ideally, the three arches of your feet support and distribute your body weight evenly. In the real world, however, many people have imbalances that interfere with this system, leading to painful musculoskeletal problems. For example, if your arches are very high or low and your footwear doesn't provide enough arch support to compensate, you may develop plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue that runs along the sole of the foot, terminating at the heel bone. Repeated strain in this area can leave you with painful heels that seem especially uncomfortable when you first get up and stand on them in the morning.


The pain caused by abnormal arches may not end at your feet. Imbalances in your stance and gait can affect the entire kinetic chain of weight-bearing joints, including the ankles, knees, hips and vertebrae. If your body remains chronically off-balance, inflammation in these joints may turn into arthritis. In addition to the leg pain you might experience from arthritis, the spinal imbalance in your lower back may also produce sciatica, an inflammation of the sciatic nerve notorious for causing leg pain.

A Proud Provider of FootLevelers in Solon

While your chiropractor in Solon OH, Dr. Reed or Dr. Grant, can correct a great many musculoskeletal imbalances through spinal adjustments, problems issuing from the feet require treatment at foot level -- which is why Reed Chiropractic Clinic is a proud provider of FootLevelers in Solon. Unlike generic arch supports you might find in drugstores (which can actually do more harm than good), these custom foot orthotics in Solon are fabricated to address your specific arch problems.


The process begins when you stand on the FootLevelers 3D BodyView Imaging Unit. This unit analyzes exactly how your feet are supporting your weight. This data is then used to create perfectly-fitted orthotics that support all three of your foot's arches perfectly. By wearing your new custom orthotics constantly, you can enjoy relief from plantar fasciitis while also sparing your body the agonies of arthritis, sciatica and chronic muscular strain.


We Can Help You Feel Better From the Feet Up

Your trusted chiropractor in Solon OH is ready to help you help your feet -- and, by extension, the rest of you. Call Reed Chiropractic Clinic at (440) 248-2866 for a consultation to see whether our custom foot orthotics in Solon can provide the answer to your discomfort!

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